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Energy balls are what we are, and so are our businesses. Your business is a reflection of you and the energy that you're putting out there. So, let me ask you this - if you're not excited about your brand, who will be?

We've experienced this in several instances with our clients. Their brand image was created a long time ago and hasn't kept up with the growth of their businesses. The original intention of your business may have been one thing, but it has since morphed into this beautiful creation that you didn't even know was possible. Am I right?

If you're going to brand your business in a way that speaks to people, and it's going to be a brand that your clients are excited about, then we need to get you to a point of excitement with your business. How? By re-branding.

Let me share a story with you about one of our favorite clients. She started her business with amazing intentions and gorgeous energy. She created a quirky, cool space for her business out of nothing. Her business partner, long story short, didn't work out and they ended up going their separate ways.

Every day for years she was reminded of the break-up. The old branding was there to remind her of the pain and all of the emotions she went through on the daily. She also had a website that was never finished and wasn't serving her or her business. She made that a priority of hers - create a new website.

We were so honored to be tasked with this effort! As I got to get to know her, I learned how her current branding was bringing her down, so I made the suggestion to completely re-brand her business and she said, "Why not? Yeah! Let's do it!" So with that level of enthusiasm for what could be, we put our thinking caps on and came up with some concepts that would embody most of the adjectives she gave us when describing her business.

The day she came into our studio is a day I will never forget for as long as I live. As we started showing her our ideas, her posture completely changed. She went from slumped over and defeated, to up-straight and excited and confident. It was such a phenomenal transition to see and it made us super excited to be a part of this transition with her.

She loved what we had created for her so much that she asked for us to create a mural for her using the new logo. She told me once, "Every day when I walk by and see it there on the wall, it makes me smile." I imagine if it makes her smile, it will make others smile too!

She has since taken the business cards we created and shared them with anyone and everyone who will take one. She's changed the enthusiasm of herself and her business. This type of enthusiasm has also brought enthusiastic results for her and her business. And this, my friends, is why enthusiasm matters.

If you're feeling like our client in this story, we would love to schedule a time to chat. We'll get you excited about your brand and your business again!

~Denise Foy, Owner + Creative Director


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