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WiX is now offering branded apps as part of their service offerings. I heard about this a couple of months ago, but I kept putting off learning more about it because I knew it would require research and time to answer a few questions I had.

We work with small business owners. I often wondered, “Why would *my* clients need an app?” After doing some research, and talking with the team at WiX, I was able to answer that question… and some of the statistics I found left me in shock.

Granted, not all industries would benefit from an app, but what I find is those who require logins or have an e-commerce site would be the companies that would benefit most. Here's an interesting statistic for you - compared to mobile sites, customers on mobile apps are exposed to 286% more goods and are 85% more likely to add items to their cart resulting in a 130% higher conversion rate. My lovely WiX representative shared with me that one of their clients sells mostly on their app and very little on their website. That had me questioning again, “What are some of the other benefits of having an app?”

Digging further into my research, I found the top FOUR benefits of mobile apps for businesses that totally makes sense:


I get notifications all the time from various news sources popping up right there on my phone. And guess what? I read every single one of them. With an app, you, too, can send out branded notifications to your customers in an instance, keeping them up-to-date with all of the latest news and events. Did you write a new blog post? Are you offering a new service? Is there something going on in your community that everyone should know about? Sending a push notification is the perfect way to inform them. STAT ALERT: Push notifications see an open rate up to 3x higher than e-mail marketing and an interaction rate up to 4x higher.


Apps are great for businesses where customers are frequently going to your website to take an action. For example, a Pilates studio. Their customers typically go onto their website and log in to make purchases and to book classes. An app would make the user experience much better because it wouldn’t require them to log in. The customer would tap and book a class just like that. STAT ALERT: WiX data shows that businesses that own mobile apps see an increase of 162% in total sales and 5x more services booked.


Every time you turn on your phone, what do you see? Icons! And plenty of them, I'm sure! All of these icons are more than likely branded into your brains because you see them 100 times a day. One branding statistic I found was, “On average, it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember your brand.” With an app, your business will be top of mind, increasing your brand awareness with your customers and the community around them.


Do you have a loyalty program for your customers? If not, have you considered that as part of your business model? A digital loyalty scheme within a mobile app is an effective way to build and create a community of customers. Giving rewards is an effective way to ensure you’ll get repeat business… and with an app, it makes it much easier and quicker for them to do just that.

Do you ever notice that you frequently get updates to your apps on your phone? These updates are typically for bug fixes, new features, or to upgrade along with the new version of your phones’ latest operating system. The great thing about building your branded app with WiX is that you don’t have to worry about making any of those updates. They’re all done for you automatically through the platform.

Once your app has been designed and is ready to be published, you can publish it to both the Apple and Google marketplaces for iOS and Android device downloads.

The cost for building apps are typically tens of thousands of dollars. But with WiX, the cost is fairly minimal; however, there is currently a rate of $100/month for hosting (originally $200/month). This special ends at the end of December, 2021.

If you’re interested in developing an app for your business, let’s chat! I’d love to work together with you to create an awesome user experience for you and your customers!

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