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We had the pleasure and the honor of working with the ladies at Comfy Fitness - Carrie + Kira. These ladies know how to rock it! They've got it together and are working every day to make their business better today than it was yesterday.

In 2020, one of their business goals was to build a website that worked better for them and their Members. After being duped from a previous Web Designer, Carrie picked up the slack and tried to create something on her own. And, for a while, it worked for them! But the site was basically a landing page and they wanted so much more than that... to provide their Members with a much better experience.

"GAHHHHH! Denise, this website is so special and I can't wait to see where it takes us, you included!!"

They came to me with excitement about where they want to go with their business, but not without fear about moving forward with another Web Designer. (Side note: I cannot tell you how many times I've heard similar stories) While we were reminiscing about their past experiences, Kira said, "Please don't leave us!" Bless.

The Requirements

A few of the enhancements they were looking to make were:

- A Members Only section that allowed for their Members to watch previous classes on-demand,

- A forum to help build a community with their Members,

- A way for their Members to RSVP for classes through a calendar view,

- Zoom functionality,

- Gift Economy payments, and on and on.

The Challenges

Their branding is very vibrant/full of color, which isn't something that I was used to working with. One of the things I think about during my design process is, "Will this overwhelm the user?" I had to sit with it for a little bit and figure out a way to gradually incorporate color, so that it's like, "Are you ready?! Get your seat belts on because the colors are about to POP!"

Same process applies with the written content. By doing User Experience Testing, one of the things I've learned is that people do not like to read. Having minimal text on the home page is ideal. The key is to get folks to click through your website to learn more, which helps with conversion rates to getting new clients..

The Design

I came up with a design for them where I could visualize seeing all of the pieces fitting nicely and then submitted a sample. They approved it and then I got to work. You know you love your job when the entire time you're doing it, you have a massive smile on your face. I was loving every minute of designing this website for them... seeing it all come together. I'm not going to lie, there were certainly moments where I felt like I was going to burst out in tears, but that's the perils of working a beta platform.

I finally got to the point where I could show them where I was at with their site, and boy was I nervous. Will they like it? Will they be disappointed? Will I have to start over? Will there be a lot of edits? I was so relieved when their response was full of excitement. They were super pleased! And I slept really well that night.

The Functionalities

For the on-demand videos, I created a back-end database that houses all of the information - titles, descriptions, dates, Vimeo links, etc. - and created a dynamic page that would show the video that they clicked on via the class listings. I did this so we wouldn't have to build out a page every time they added a new link.

For the Members Only section, I created a landing page that guides you to attend a class, view on-demand videos, or participate in the forum. There's also functionality for you to customize your photo and account information, update your credit card details, view your class schedule, and much more.

The Automations

Carrie and I sat down together over a Zoom call and went through her process for onboarding a new customer. I registered on her old website and she showed me how she had to manually send an e-mail here and there and add me to this and that. We identified all of the manual tasks that she was doing and we were able to come up with a plan to make all of that automated. We automated a Welcome e-mail that is sent out to every new customer that purchases a plan. With that purchase, they automatically get access to the Members section and instant access to all of the videos. Members who RSVP for a class, automatically receives an e-mail with the Zoom link. If a Member cancels their membership, they automatically receive an e-mail telling them when their account will be closed.

The Savings

Carrie + Kira were paying to use MailChimp every month. They were able to save money by cancelling MailChimp and using WiX for their e-mail marketing campaigns. They are also able to send invoices to their private clients and collect payments through WiX as well, keeping all of their data and activities within one platform versus many.

The Results

Their website utilizes the most functionality of any website I have created thus far. Admittingly, I was super nervous that I would disappoint them, but when I didn't, I was (and still am) elated! This change that they have invested in for their business is going to make such a huge difference to their bottom line and I *cannot wait* to watch their business grow.

Carrie sent me the sweetest e-mail. She said, "GAHHHHH! Denise, this website is so special and I can't wait to see where it takes us, you included!!"

My WHY is not for the money. Heck no! My WHY is because this work gives me purpose. I have the honor and the pleasure of watching my clients businesses grow as a result of their hard work and my little input. This is the most rewarding role of my life so far. I'm so excited to share my talents with others and be there by their side watching their business elevate to the next level.

Want to work with us? Schedule an initial consultation here and let's talk about how we can work together with you.

~ Denise Foy


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