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We were fortunate enough to have the lovely Tracy Stonaker come into our studio for the March session of les petits BLABLA. Tracy is the founder of eṣnamé. She works with people to help break their bad habits and form new ones that will enhance their lives in so many aspects. During her session, the majority of us had expressed our pain points being around sleep - whether it's going to sleep at a reasonable hour, or waking up at a reasonable hour. Here's a little bit what we learned: VATA, KAPHA, PITTA In Aryuvedic practice, it is my understanding that these three words define various things - your personality type as well as the times of the day. Understanding these three words helps put a few things into perspective when defining your new habits. Vata are those who are born with more of the space and air elements. A vata person will generally be very thin, more talkative, restless; they typically have a lower body weight, dry skin, brittle nails, thin hair, and small, slightly sunken eyes. It is also the time of the day from 2am/pm - 6am/pm. Kapha indicates a preponderance of water and earth elements. Kapha are typically those who are generally cool, calm, lazy, cheerful, and stocky (if not overweight). It is also the time of the day from 6am/pm - 10am/pm. Pitta are those who are born with hotter constitutions, containing more of the fire element. They are generally active, good looking, a perfectionist, dynamic, intelligent and also short tempered. It is also the time of the day from 10am/pm - 2am/pm - this is the time for digestion and cell regeneration. WAKING UP We all struggled with getting up at a time that is different than that of which we all do now, and forming positive habits for us to start off our days. Tracy talked with each of us to define our morning habits. She asked, "What time do you usually wake up in the morning?". My response was, "I generally wake up right at 8:30am." Tracy and I have spoken about this before and nearly every morning her voice rings in my head, "Denise, you're missing all of the beautiful energy of the morning!" She said during our session, "If you can wake up at 5:50/55am, you can get the last few minutes of the beautiful vata energy of the day." She also suggested, "If you can, try to wake up 48 minutes before sunrise." Her suggestion is not to start waking up that early just like that, but over a longer period of time. She suggested that rather than waking up at 8:30am, try waking up at 8:15am and work your way up to the time you'd like to ideally get up. MORNING HABITS We all had an "ideal" morning. I don't know about you, but the morning has become my favorite time of the day. I enjoy the ease of the morning and not rushing to get anywhere at a particular time, although I'm fully aware that this isn't the luxury that most people can afford. I do; however, have morning habits that I'd love to incorporate into my routine. For example, I'd love to meditate every morning and I'd love to read a chapter of a book to educate myself on something new for my business. Tracy asked us, "What is the first thing you do in the morning?" My response was, "Open the door to let Fonzi (my dog) out and then I feed Fonzi." She said, "Ok, your trigger is feeding Fonzi. After you feed Fonzi, take 9 deep breaths and that'll be your meditation. And then you can expand from that to include more goals in time." EVENING HABITS Tracy made several suggestions for the evening to get prepared for a good nights sleep so that we may start our days off well: - Turn off all screens (TVs, phones, computers, etc.) at 8pm. She suggested to read or write in a journal before sleeping. The blue light from screens enacts cortisol in our bodies and doesn't permit for us to get very good sleep. - Start going to bed 15 minutes earlier until you get to 10pm. At 10pm, our bodies go into Pitta (fire), which enables digestion and a lot of other beautiful things our bodies need to stay healthy. - Give yourself a foot massage with oil before going to bed. You can use essential oils, coconut oil, massage oils, etc. This helps increase the blood circulation to help keep you healthy and happy. I'm looking forward to taking these suggestions and seeing the impact that it makes in my life. I'd love to hear how these suggestions have worked for you! Please send us an e-mail at hello@delafoyedesign.com to share your thoughts. To learn more about Tracy and how she has helped transform peoples lives, please visit her website at www.tracyjstonaker.com.

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