Wix reached out to Denise several months ago to see if they had permission to highlight a couple of her websites on their platform, one of which was for Comfy Fitness. When she reached out to Kira and Carrie at Comfy Fitness, of course they said yes! Denise thought, "This is going to be such great exposure for them!"

A couple of months later, Denise's Account Executive at Wix, Joseph, asked if it would be ok to schedule a meeting to talk about a new initiative Wix is launching for Wix Partners. She said, "Of course!" thinking that they would be asking her thoughts on the value of the initiative, or if it would be something she would find beneficial.

Little did she know they were going to tell her that she won an award. Her shock can be seen in this cute little video Wix sent us:

"What an incredible honor this is!", Denise exclaimed. "In my experience, us small business owners rarely get praised from our industry leaders, so this is quite a shock. A welcomed one at that!"


Wix sent her a powerpoint presentation with all of the ways they were going to promote their article. They shared it on their social media platforms - including paid sponsorship, wrote a gorgeous article about her and Comfy Fitness. submitted it to Creative Boom where they also wrote another gorgeous article and featured it on their platform. Creative Boom shared her story in an e-mail campaign and their social media platforms as well. They were all such fabulous gifts that were beyond anything our little studio could imagine.


The website we created for Comfy Fitness is still one of our favorites, and is hands down the most complicated website we have yet to build. "I really love challenges," says Denise, "so when they sent me their branded content I was scared and excited all at the same time." She also recalls being so nervous and scared that they wouldn't like what she put together for them, so she made sure they were able to connect on Zoom for the reveal. "I wanted to see their authentic reaction. I learned at a course I took that we miss 85% of the conversation without seeing those non-verbal cues." Luckily, they were pleased. She wrote an article about their experience together on her blog - The One About Comfy Fitness.

There are not enough words to explain the gratitude for this award and for the opportunity to be promoted in such a fantastic way. We send a HUGE thank you to the team at Wix for picking Denise as their first recipient of this award. This will be something we will cherish for the years to come.


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