Updated: Mar 4, 2019

When considering updating your old, outdated website… or creating a new website, there are a few things to think about when evaluating these decisions. Website functionalities and capabilities are constantly evolving and providing more creativity freedom for us Web Designers. Old websites have a grid system, new websites don’t, so the flexibility to create something truly unique is unlimited!

If you haven’t had your website designed in the past two to three years, you may be at a disadvantage. Some old technologies are being discontinued and no longer supported, and the expectations to be fresh and current continue to surface. Below are a few new trends in web design, and some that are on the way out.

1)    Flash is in the Past

The Flash Player plugin is now being blocked by most browsers. In 2016, Google Chrome turned off the plugin by default, and Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla and Facebook are also phasing out their use of Flash. As a result, Adobe will no longer support Flash post-2020.

2)    Mobile Experience is Pivotal

According to my analytical data, on average, 55% of those browsing your website are doing so on a mobile device. Therefore, your web version needs to be just as dynamic and impressive as your desktop version. Having a responsive mobile design is also what the Google bots look for when determining your placement within their search results (SEO).

3)    The Importance of Security

As mobile phones become a point of convergence for security breaks, it’s important that your website is safe and secure. Check to make sure your website is https, rather than just http. The “s” means it is secure.

4)    Engage Users with Bots

A trend these days is to include bots on your website to engage with your users. A good example of this is a chat bot! Make it easy for your potential customer base to reach out to you for a quick question and response. Give them the answers they want when they want them.

5)    Animations and Movement

GIFs, movies, and other types of movement are paramount to keeping your audience engaged (and helps keep your bounce rate low). Illustrating how you make a product (whether it be jewelry or baked goods) is a great way to build credibility with your users. Creating movement with images is also possible by using parallax and fade components.

6)    Customized Icons and Illustrations

Creating customize icons to better reflect your brand is a big trend this year, as well as the creation of beautiful illustrations for your home page. Just as important are high resolution/ high quality images. It’s worth the small investment to hire a Graphic Designer and/or Photographer to help make your website the best it can be!

If you need help keeping up with the ever-fast changing technologies, contact de la foye design studio today for a free consultation. Let us help you do what you do best!

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