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Ed Erickson, of Erickson Business Coaching, sat down with us during our October le petit BLABLA session and shared some really great insight and tips for attracting awesome clients. Something we *all* strive for, right? 

A little bit about Ed. He started Erickson Business Coaching to help business owners build successful businesses. For over 20 years, Ed built his career working in and owning small businesses, so he’s seen firsthand many of the challenges owners face. He gives his coaching clients the tools, strategies, and skills to build a thriving business around that thing they’re great at doing, so they can finally get the freedom they dreamed about when they opened their business and make a real impact on the world. Ed helps business owners at all stages of their journey develop the skills, mindset, and leadership traits to take control of their businesses and transform them through 1-on-1 coaching, boot camp training sessions, and masterclasses.

“To be credible, you have to deliver tangible value and describe it in a way that's compelling to the client.” 

Now, let’s take a look at Eds' recommendations for attracting those awesome clients:

1A. Don't have a broad target market

You’ve heard this before, yes? Business owners tend to define their target market really broadly, but have a hard time trying to service an audience that broad. Trying too hard to appeal to everybody, you end up watering down your message, and end up not appealing to anybody.

1B. Do design what you're offering for a specific niche

How narrow can you go? An inch wide and a mile deep is better than a mile wide and an inch deep. What you find when you narrow your target market is that you can talk more directly and more compellingly to those people and will have a much easier time converting them to clients.

2A. Don’t try to be the Master Problem Solver

Small business owners try to solve every problem that their client may have, which spreads you really thin and dilutes your message. Even if you can actually do the work, you’re not going to be credible when you talk about it.

2B. Do zero in on a very specific and compelling problem and solve that specifically

By finding a very specific niche in the market and trying to solve only that problem, it will make you more compelling and will lead to easier closings and more clients. It will make people *want* to work with you. Your message will be much clearer and compelling and will result in a higher conversion rate.

3A. Don’t assume your prospects know your value

Oftentimes when we go to networking events, we tell people our role in this World (Real Estate Agent, Family Law Attorney, etc.). Keep in mind that by saying what you do, the value is not self-evident. Don’t assume that your prospects are going to understand the great value you can provide.

3B. Do talk about how you differentiate from others in your field

Don't talk about all the stuff you are going to do, instead talk to them about what you are going to do for them. To be credible, you have to deliver tangible value and describe it in a way that's compelling to the client. Think of a way to tell them your value in a way they can understand it. Communicate at their level, without using industry terms.

4A. Don’t go into every detail about what you’re going to do

Focusing on all the things you’re going to do will not help captivate your prospects. Talking abou how many meetings you’re going to have and what topics you’re going to discuss, they will tune out. Don’t talk about the stuff you’re going to do for them.

4B. Do show the results of your work

You can't assume your prospect knows what you do. They will not know how you are any different or any better. Instead, think about how you can take what you do, brand it, and talk about it. Demonstrate results that you've done, or the unique style that sets you apart. Make sure to focus more on the results and less on the activities. Communicate the core value and what it is you’re going to deliver. People want to buy the result, so try framing the conversation around the result and benefits of working with you.

5A. Don’t assume your prospects can see what you’re doing is so much better than everybody else

They can’t tell how you’re any different or better from the other choices that they have. If folks can tell any difference, they’ll default on buying on price.

5B. Do talk about and show how it is that you’re different or better than everybody else

One way to do that is demonstrating how you do what you do. What’s your process? By branding your process and putting a name to the steps, that’s what separates you!  When you package it up and brand it, it’s so much easier to talk about. Other ways to demonstrate how you’re different is by demonstrating results, showing a particular style in which you do your work, etc. Talk about why what you’re doing is a better choice.

When you put all of this together, you end up with a compelling offer you can make to your prospects that will show that you will immediately solve their problem, will demonstrate you have the credibility that you deliver, and separate you from competition and will remove price from their determining factor. Show that you’re going to deliver compelling value.

~ your design studio team


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