Acquiring more customers, increasing your profits, and clearly defining your brand: those are our goals! We come to you with years of business and creative experience, great intuition, and an ability to make your business shine. Our websites are clean and streamlined, providing ease for the end user. Our graphics are on-brand and bring that sparkle you're looking for. We pride ourselves on delivering a top-notch product with a personal touch. Let us help you do what you do best!


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Denise is a Wix Expert and has had a passion for computers and design for about thirty years. She started building websites from scratch back in 1996 using HTML coding and was often called upon friends to help fix or enhance computers. Although her studies were in Finance, she spent over 20 years of her career in the IT space as a Consultant. She truly enjoys taking a Consultative approach with her work, giving her clients not only a beautiful, functional website but one that is very well thought-out. Her journey leading her to business ownership started on a trip to Bali in 2013 when she met a business owner whose business was nowhere to be found online. He said, "Denise, I am a Chef. I don't know anything about this technology stuff." His business was suffering, but after spending a week setting him up on 10 different online platforms and building his website, he became the #1 restaurant in his area. He's no longer worried about his future and is still thriving today. Denise thought to herself, "If I can help another business owner succeed, I'd be so incredibly honored."

Web Designer + Creative Director


Geoff has been creating since he was a small child, drawing images from his imagination, often with the encouragement of his mom. Illustrated books, cartoons, and comics inspired him. He was always doodling, and remembers receiving compliments from his classmates, even from an early age, on his ability. This acknowledgement motivated him, and he continuously sought to develop and strengthen his drawing skills. It wasn’t long before Geoff decided he wanted to make illustration his career. He received a degree in graphic design from Colorado State University in 2004, then was the resident in-store graphic artist at Whole Foods Market for eleven years. While there, he developed many of the skills that he now applies to his work helping small business owners solidify their brand image—from logo design and development, to collateral of all types, to illustrations (created by hand or by computer).

Graphic Designer


Data Analytics Experts

Angela is our Google Analytics/ Data Studio expert. See, her parents were both entrepreneurs, so her passion for small businesses shines through with great energy and heart. What she does is quite unique - she works with small businesses so that they may gain clarity into their marketing. "How does she do this?", you ask? By creating dashboards that are completely comprehensive and full of data that will help you make decisions to elevate your business to the next level.


Angela has a passion for both design and data. So much so that she calls herself a "geek". With the data that she can see through Google Analytics, she assists businesses with clearly defining their goals, learn from their clients/ online visitors, and visually see what's working and where there is room for improvement. Her goal is to help you make the best decisions going forward.


Britt is our Marketing specialist that's known for breaking industry norms and sometimes a few rules. What started out as a tireless pursuit to uplift and connect those around her, turned into one of her biggest passions! Over the years, Britt has navigated both digital and traditional media outlets to ensure her clients harness their full potential while connecting with one another and their audiences through carefully curated marketing strategies.  She's a true social media nerd that's had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people in different industries (fashion, art, sports, hospitality, and medical to name a few.) 

Marketing Specialist


Lisa was a rule follower, graduating with a degree in Business because that was the logical thing to do. After spending some time in the corporate world, she said to herself, “this can’t be it!” She discovered photography and loved every minute of her journey in the photo world, working her way from the bottom up. Since then she tries to break all the rules - from entering a field that, at the time, was mostly men, to maintaining a freelance life as a commercial photographer and being a very hands on Mother. This carries over to her photoshoots. She brings energy, personality, knowledge, and experience to her shoots. However, more importantly, she trusts her intuition and her ability to connect with people to assure a beautiful and successful shoot for her clients. Lisa’s clients have included well-known brands and well-known celebrities. She enjoys bringing that experience to every client big and small. Her camera is her vehicle to connect with people which is her true joy of life.




We are small, but mighty! Each and every one of us has a passion for what we do. We all take pride in the positive impact we have made for our clients. Please, meet our team!


Web Designer


Graphic Designer


Marketing Specialist


Data Analyst




Lots of great ideas come at the oddest times, in the oddest moments. Our story started during an unexpected journey in Bali. Click here to read all about how we got from Bali to now.


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